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Phone: 260-402-2012

Welcome to the official site of Aubrie Lamb, the artist. Aubrie is a Graphic designer and fine artist living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She enjoys patterns, abstract art, dogs, homes, and livin' life.


Aubrie has been creating art for as long as she can remember, though never considered it to be something she could make a living on until the college years. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree, with a focus on Visual Communication Design. She's been a freelancer for almost a decade, and enjoys the challenges and opportunities each project brings, as they are always a chance to learn something new. Aubrie's bucket list art goal is to create a mural in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana! 

Check out the completely redesigned SHOP page for your very own Aubrie Lamb original art piece! Aubrie specializes in home and pet portraits, along with freelance graphic design, photography, and fine art!

To grab your own Aubrie Lamb Advanced Coloring Book, click here!

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